De-Zine International specializes in the planning, design and construction of commercial, retail, medical, dental and food service units across Canada.
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De-Zine International was established over 25 years ago. Our experienced project and construction management division approach each project with the same professionalism, keeping design integrity, value engineering and cost control at the forefront.

Through continued inspections, project tracking and delivery, managers protect your interests from start to finish.

De-Zine International adds value to projects, bringing a distinctive, hands-on approach and rapid solution-finding methodology.

Our team of dedicated staff are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations by utilizing diverse and effective design and management solutions driven by creativity, quality, speed, and value.

Based in Toronto Canada since 1996, the company can be traced back 26 years, during which time we have rapidly become a leader in design and retail construction project management throughout Canada, USA, Germany, and England.

Our site showcases the diverse retail construction project management services, that our vibrant and experienced company can provide.

De-Zine International has extensive experience, is service oriented and we work with our clients to meet their needs, goals, and objectives. Our services are flexible and can be tuned to our client’s requirements to match the exact needs of the project.

We frequently provide a one stop shop and manage and coordinate all other elements of the coordination, project management as well the design and construction. This takes the load off the client and reduces the hassles.

Team Leader

Lloyd Segal - President
Lloyd Segal

Lloyd Segal is responsible for providing the vision and strategic direction of the company, leading the executive and management teams, and overseeing decisions regarding the organization's capital expenditures. With responsibility for all company operations, business development, client relations, strategic planning and quality assurance, Lloyd is also involved as the project executive on each project, performing pre-construction, and design development reviews.

Mission Statement

Mr Lube

We expect to develop an ongoing relationship with every customer while building a high degree of trust through our services. Our management style is focused on a "no excuse" standard of execution and consistent follow through to closure. We will maintain the highest standards of quality and accountability. Projects will be completed on time to ensure a smooth turnover for set up and training without construction interference. We succeed when our clients succeed!


    • Project Coordination

    • Project Management

    • Construction Management

    • Design

    • Architectural,

    • Electrical and Mechanical

    • Design and Drawings


    • Concept designs and drawings
      based on clients standards.

    • Submit drawings to governing
      building department.

    • Coordinate and negotiate all
      vendor packages and budgets.

    • Establish efficiencies and
      buying discounts.

    • Process subcontractor invoices.

    • Obtain final inspections and
      Certificate of Occupancy.

    • Job ending documentation.


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